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Meditation for beginners

"There was a time in my life that I was looking for external validation of the choices I was making and what I was creating in my life.  Needless to say, this left me feeling inadequate and just plain "wrong" as those I was looking to for validation could never get why I chose what I did.  It was then that I realised that my journey was my own, and it was okay for those closest to me not to "get" any of it...  I learned to look inward and "tune-in" to my inner guidance.  For me personally prayer and asking questions was a one-sided conversation, it's only once I became still that I was able to receive the "answers" I so desperately desired." Retha

Take this the first steps on your journey with me, as it is a journey for me also.  This is not a certification course, and does not ascribe to any guidelines provided by any institution or organization, it is free-form and we’ll follow the energy of each of the individual training sessions.

During this course I will share with you what I’ve learned so far, and will provide you with a “manual” for information purposes.  Sometimes we’ll refer to the manual and other times not, we’ll adapt each training session to individual requirements and what would contribute the most in the moment, YOU will be the core of each training session. 

This is a pragmatic approach to meditation that will, if you are willing to choose, equip you to apply the techniques in your daily life not only in your meditation time or “chamber”.

Whether you’ve chosen this course for spiritual communication, personal fulfillment, as a form of worship, to relax and relieve stress and tension in your life, to satisfy your curiosity or personal growth, please note that there is no right way and no wrong way to meditate.  Each training session, meditation journey is as unique as you are. 

Included in this manual is information from age-old teachings and practices, Mudras, Mantras, Mandalas, Breathing Techniques, Mindfulness, etc.  We won’t be discarding any of these, I implore you to follow what you know and what works for you, as that will be the platform from which you’ll launch your meditation “practice”.

Now, before we start, would you be willing to let every expectation you have or ever had, everything you’ve ever heard about meditation and what it should be, shouldn’t be, ought to be, oughtn’t be, all the perspectives of anyone, including the experts, GO? 

Would you be willing to allow what occurs for you in the moment to occur?  What if that would be the greatest contribution to you and where you are on your journey right now?  What grand adventures awaits our creation?  How much FUN are you willing to have?


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