Meet Retha

Hello Beautiful YOU, 

My name is Retha Nel, and I would like to welcome you, the phenomenal creator that you are

What if ease, joy, and glory are available to all of us... would you choose it? 

Imagine... in one hour all the believes that has held you back for years... just gone, and now you have space to choose the what actually works for you instead of against you.  I help people erase old beliefs from their brain by creating new neuro pathways, which are the things in your brain that actually create and hold the believes that you have.  After a one-hour session, people often find that they can sleep better, and even things like anxiety and depression decrease allowing for more ease with all aspects of their life.

Are you ready for greater possibilities in your world? 

When my clients work with me they integrate their body, their mind, and their Being so they no longer have to rely on willpower alone to push through to reach their goals.  Clients I work with say that after an energy session with me they feel aligned, balanced, whole, empowered and the negative thinking that has been sabotaging their efforts, just goes away.  My clients are reaching their goals faster because of the work we do in just a couple of sessions a month.

Simple and practical, the Access Consciousness tools facilitate people of all ages, all cultures, religions, and backgrounds, to help remove limitations holding them back from the freedom to live and create a life they truly desire.