Choosing CHANGE

Are you ready to make the kind of changes that will lead to greater happiness, more money, more peace of mind, better health, less stress and so on?  

Now that you have chosen, you are ready to make the necessary changes aren't you!

Successfully making the changes or creating the new habits as well as out-creating those results begins with a mindset of "right now'. Successful people have an underlying belief that "there is no time like the present", and do what needs to be done in order to create and live the life they desire. Many people  continue to struggle everyday, wishing, hoping and praying that someday things will get better - but they never do. If you don't choose the changes required right now, then nothing will change! 

“God, Universe, Source (whatever that is for YOU) helps those who helps themselves”

Here are a few tips to empower you on your journey 

1. Take on one habit / change at a time. Majority of us have a very long list of things we would like to change. You want to start exercising, eat healthy, read more, be more organised and we tend to want these things all at once. Improve your chances at success by focusing on one 'change' at a time. Set yourself up to focus on this change for 30 days before moving on to the next one. 

2. Get support. Our brains enjoy 'Autopilot' and this can often be our biggest obstacle. We falter and quickly revert back to old habits. Get yourself a reliable support system or person who can help you maintain the course when the 'going gets tough'. 

3. Write it down. Whether you use the S.M.A.R.T goal approach or you try to wing it - you absolutely have to write it down. Our desire to make changes to our lives hits us at the oddest times, creates a burst of energy that creates excitement about the change. The only problem is, that the energy fades, and so does the motivation. Write it down. Add the start and an end date. Write down what you are going to do daily, how you are going to do it, and when can you be rewarded for reaching small milestones. Be specific, make it measurable, attainable, ensure it is realistic and time bound. 

4. Understand your obstacles. Consider the potential obstacles because these are the stumbling blocks to your success. They are often the reasons for quitting the journey. If you have an idea of what could keep you from making the change, then you are able to plan for them. Giving yourself alternative options that will help you navigate the obstacles instead of feeling like you need to quit. It won't be easy, but that's what makes it worth it. 

5. Keep track. Not in your head, preferably on paper. Not only does this enable you to reflect, it also helps you to measure your progress and keeps you consistent. It keeps you aware of what you are doing and keeps you motivated. 

6. Be completely committed. 

7. Be accountable. Keeping track of your progress, being completely committed is part of being accountable. Report your progress daily to your support network / partner or friend whether you had a great day or whether you failed. 

8. Keep focused. Distractions are everywhere, especially about a week into your journey. You will begin to consider other 'changes' or habits you want to tackle. Or simply get distracted with other priorities and reasons to deviate. It takes about 30 days for any habit to become part of you, stay focused.

9. Be consistent. If you do the new habit sometimes  and not others, you simply will not be able to create the new habit. Being consistent is key to your success, and creating gaps for being allowed to 'miss' doing it sometimes, will only result in more gaps and suddenly you are back to your old ways. 

10. Don't quit even when you failed. Even if you miss it once or twice, don't give up. Check what the obstacle is, create a strategy for it and keep going. Be as consistent as possible. Allow failure here to be your stepping stone, rather than besting you. 

The secret to creating change in our lives is by taking action - doing small things today that is different to what you did yesterday. 

*** Questions to play with ***

* What does the future you desire require from you today? * What else is possible that you've not yet considered? * How did you nurture yourself today? * What questions could you ask to change this? * Change is not linear - each step is still progress and it never looks like you think it's going to... * Life is about more than stress, anxiety and beliefs that "This is how life is" * Being tired is still a good starting place - start smaller * Change is for your benefit - not everyone else Of course, you deserve happiness!


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Celebrating the beauty of YOU... Always! 

Retha Nel, Access Consciousness Facilitator, Reiki Master and Healer

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